Dolphinaria-Free Europe strongly against a new dolphinarium in Bulgaria

Our friends from the Dolphinaria-Free Europe sent their statement about the proposal to build a new dolphinarium in Burgas to Bulgarian government officials.

In their letter, DFE point out to the Mayor of Burgas and the Minister of the Environment’s attention on the many ways cetaceans suffer in captivity, the high mortality rates and the threat this this industry represents for wild dolphin populations.

The coalition of European dolphin advocacy organisations urge Bulgaria to reject the proposal for a new dolphinarium in Burgas and offer to help reach that decision by providing additional information.

We are very grateful for the support of the international community and their commitment to stop this project and leave all dolphinariums in the past, where they belong.

You can help too: sign and share the petition to Stop the plan to build a new dolphinarium in Burgas:


You can read the full letter from the DFE below:

You can read statements from other animal rights organizations about this project here:

If you are part of an organization and you would like to send your own letter to the Bulgarian government, please contact us for more details.

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