PROTEST: To close down the dolphinarium in Bulgaria, where a baby dolphin died this August


The case of a dead baby at the Varna Dolphinarium in Bulgaria this summer is not a precedent, but a routine in an industry that enslaves animals for profit and sells it as entertainment.

Since its opening in 1984 to this day, 25 dolphins that we know of have been held captive there. Most of them died after a short and brutal stay, at least 15 of them were babies. How many more have had the same fate, we can only guess, since the dolphinarium does not bother registering newborn babies and reporting dead animals to the MoEW. The inspection body, in turn, doesnt considers this a problem nor the fact that the dolphinarium has been holding captive and breeding illegally a pair of sea lions for nearly 2 years.

Being in captivity causes tremendous suffering for these sensitive and intelligent beings. The lack of adequate movement space, the artificial environment, hunger, training, noisy performances and invasive attractions such as “swimming with dolphins” make life in the dolphinarium a living hell.

The size of the pool in Varna is 12 x 15 meters at 6 meters deep. According to experts, this is the smallest dolphinarium in the world. Currently there are 5 dolphins living there.

While places like this are closing all over the world, the Varna Dolphinarium is making ambitious plans to expand its facility, with the idea of ​​building an aqua park + restaurant in addition to the few additional square meters of prison for the animals. They want to build this on almost 3 acres of green land in the municipal Sea Garden park.

In the 21st Century, slavery is not entertainment! Animals are not clowns! The prisons for innocents must close!

Our demands:
– Enforce the ban on the use marine mammals for entertainment in Bulgaria
– Ban on the import of dolphins in Bulgaria
– Ban of captive breeding of dolphins in Bulgaria


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✊ JOIN US on December 1st in front of the Dolphinarium in Varna, where will say #BANtheDOLPHINARIUM, which in Bulgarian translates: #НЕнаДЕЛФИНАРИУМА


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