Official Statement About the Proposal to Build a Dolphinarium in Burgas

We have submitted our official statement about the Municipality of Burgas to build a marine park with a dolphinarium, sealarium, an area for penguins and enclosures for other exotic and farm animals in Ezero Park to the government institutions. We are asking for all animal attractions and displays to be removed from the proposal.

If you would like to do the same, please send your letters to:
– the Minister of Environment and Water, Emil Dimitrov

– the Chief of the Regional Inspection of Environment and Water – Burgas, Tonka Atanasova

– the Mayor of Burgas, Dimitar Nikolov and the Chief Architect of the Burgas Municipality, Veselina Ilieva

You can read the English translation of The Last Cage’s full statement sent to the Mayor of Burgas and the MoEW here:

PDF Statement


You can read other statements from animal rights organizations about this project here:

If you are part of an organization and you would like to send your own letter to the Bulgarian government, please contact us for more details.

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