Our Story

Who We Are.


The Last cage is a non-profit volunteer-run organization that focuses its attention on how we perceive animals in our daily lives, as well as how they are represented in the fields of human activities.

In industries that exploit animals for profit, causing suffering to animals on a particularly large scale is a daily practice. This happens in the industries where animals are treated as products and commodities, not as living beings: the livestock industry, the fur industry, the cosmetic and pharmaceutical testing industries, and the entertainment industry which includes circuses, zoos, dolphinariums, aquariums and more.

Our goal is to reduce the suffering we cause to animals. We believe that awareness leads to searching and finding solutions and humane practices in all areas where the suffering is caused to living creatures. We are convinced that this requires evolution in the way we perceive animals, and we want to help bring about that evolution.

Through campaigns, investigations, activism, administrative initiatives and educational actions, The Last Cage shows the true face of the industries that exploit animals because we know that it is not only possible but imperative that human beings begin to coexist with animals and nature without exploitation and violence.

We work to raise awareness and develop a society that is well-informed about contemporary, humane and sustainable practices. We educate and promote animal welfare and will keep working to create a more compassionate world for animals

until the last cage is empty.